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Super Robinson champion in Spain


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© Juan Caballero
Robinson Morales overjoyed after his winning point who brought him the Spanish title

LA CORUNA - Robinson Morales, the Colombian living in Valencia, is Spain's new champion in three-cushion. He won the 90th championship in the federation's history in La Coruña. In the final, Robinson beat veteran Alfonso Legazpi (Madrid) 4-3 in the extension after 40-40 during the regular game in 32 innings.

The bronze medals went to Ruben Legazpi (Madrid), beaten in the semi-finals by his father Alfonso 3-1 in extra time (40-40) and Valentin Andaluz Anton (Madrid), beaten by future champion Morales 40-18 in 19 innings.

In the last sixteen, Robinson Morales first beat Francisco J. Rodriguez 40-18 in 15 with a best run of 20! At the same stage, Sergio Jimenez was the better of Fernando Rodriguez Navarra 40-16 in 15 innings. Also at the last sixteen, Ruben Fernandez Bermejo beat Jordi Garriga with a run of 16, José L. Pascual won his match with Joseba Escribano with a run of 13.

In the next round, Robinson Morales repeated his mission by beating Armando Moreno 40-24 in 15, while Sergio Jimenez was beaten by Ruben Legazpi 40-34 in 17. In the quarter-finals, Morales got the better of José L. Pascual 40-24 in 20, Ruben Legazpi won against Jaime Sanchez Faraco 40-18 in 22.

The level was very high with an overall average of 1.830 for Robinson Morales, 1.563 for Alfonso Legazpi and 1.509 for Ruben Legazpi. Sergio Jimenez (over 2 matches) had an overall average of 2.313! 

Thoughts turned to Dani Sánchez during the title race, who has won the title no fewer than 22 times since 1994 and achieved a record Spanish average of 2.410 in 2020.

Robinson Morales in action during his title race

The Spanish podium in La Coruna