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Nikolaus Kogelbauer conquers first title in Austria


Published by frits bakker

© Andreas Kronlachner
The happy champion Nikolaus Kogelbauer

WENEN - 22-year-old Nikolaus Kogelbauer has become his country's three-cushion champion in Austria. He won the tournament for the title ahead of Herbert Szivacz, Gerhard Kostistansky and Manfred Müller. The young billiard player achieved a personal best average with 1.367.

''I played a great tournament,'' was his comment afterwards. ’’I am very happy with the title of champion in my country.'' Among others, he thanked his family, especially his father and old coach and friend Robert. ’’They have always believed in me, motivated me and pushed me to enjoy the game. I also want to thank everyone who supported me.''

The Austrian championship was first played in groups of three. The winners were Nikolaus Kogelbauer with 1.311, Gerhard Kostistansky with 1.121, Herbert Szivacz with 1.254 and Manfred Müller with 0.855.

In the final group of four, the later champion won against Kostistansky 40-29 in 29 and against Manfred Müller 40-27 in 27 and lost to Szivacz 40-26 in 19.

The final ranking:

  1. Nikolaus Kogelbauer 8-1.367-10
  2. Herbert Szivacz 6-1.275-8
  3. Gerhard Kostistansky 4-1.125-7
  4. Manfred Müller 6-0.948-7
  5. Arnim Kahofer 2-1.083-5
  6. Michael Hikl 2-1.014-5
  7. Claus Maurer 2-0.921-6
  8. Karl Makik 2-0.910-6

The Austrian podium with Nikolaus Kogelbauer, the winner (middle), Gerhard Kostistansky (3rd) and Herbert Szivacz, right (second)

Nikolaus Kogelbauer on his way to the tile in Austria