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Lausanne Masters with six top ladies


Published by frits bakker

© Lausanne Masters
The playing hall at the Lausanne Billard Masters, this year with top ladies

LAUSANNE - Six top ladies in three-cushion have arrived in Lausanne for the traditional, attractive invitational tournament. The Lausanne Billiard Masters, an organization headed by European billiards president Diane Wild, had world champions shine at the Casino de Montbenon in previous 9 years. Last year the switch was made to players under 25, this year six strong ladies have been invited. Therese Klompenhouwer, multiple world and European champion, is the favorite to win.

The other players are Yuko Nishimoto from Japan, Charlotte Sörensen from Denmark, Jaimie Buelens from Belgium, Andrea Cardona from Colombia and Jackeline Perez from Peru. The six ladies are divided into two groups of three players, playing games to 30 caroms.

Diane Wild: ,,We have decided, starting last year, together with the UMB to promote ladies and youth under 25. This year, the tournament runs in conjunction with an exhibition of artistic billiards, for which three well-known players have been invited.'' 

The Lausanne Billard Masters, for the 10th year on the calendar, will be played this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 17, 18 and 19 November, in the famous Casino de Montbenon playing hall. The matches will be broadcast live by AfreecaTV.  

Prizes for the six participants:

1st 3,500 euros

2e 2500

3e 2000

4e 1750

5e 1250

6e 1000

12,000 euros in total

The three artistic players are Michael Hammen (France), Jop de Jong (Netherlands), Marvin Heinrich (Germany).

The group format

Group A:

Therese Klompenhouwer (Netherlands)

Jaimie Buelens (Belgium)

Jackeline Perez (Peru)

Group B:

Yuko Nishimoto (Japan)

Charlotte Sörensen (Denmark)

Andrea Cardona (Colombia)



13.00: Buelens-Perez and Sörensen-Cardona

16.00: Klompenhouwer against winner Buelens-Perez and Nishimoto against winner Sörensen-Cardona

19.00: Klompenhouwer against loser and Nishimoto against loser.


10.00: Match for 5th place.

13.00 and 15.30 Semi-finals


12.15: 3rd and 4th place.

14.30: Final.