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Jun Tae Kim is the new Asian champion


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Jun Tae Kim defeated Haeng Jik Kim in the final match

YANGGU GUN (KOREA) - The men's Asian three-cushion championship has turned into a Korean final. Jun Tae Kim is the new champion and successor to Myung Woo Cho. He defeated Haeng Jik Kim in the final 50-40 in 33 innings. Haeun Kim became champion in the ladies, Jeongu Park in the juniors under 22. The championship was played in Yanggu gun with 32 players in the men.

Jun Tae Kim rose to fifth position in the world rankings with his 80 ranking points. Haeng Jik Kim is ranked No 8. In the juniors, Jeongu Park beat his Korean compatriot Jeong Yesung 35-17 in 12 innings, averages of 2.692 and 1.417.

The later champion Jun Tae Kim eliminated Vietnamese TTT Nguyen in the men's quarter-finals by 50-43 in 37 innings and Ja In Kang in the semi-finals by 50-27 in 27. Haeng Jik Kim won against defending champion Myung Woo Cho in the quarter-finals by 50-38 in 29 and against world champion Phuong Vinh Bao in the semi-finals in an enthralling 50-49 in 25 innings.

Haeun Kim in the women's final beat Jeong hyeon Park 30-23 in 31 innings. In the semi-finals, Haeun Kim won against Bomi Choi 30-20 in 29 and Jeong hyeon Park against Chaewon Heo 30-23 in 27 innings.

 The final standings of the Asian championship:


1 Jun Tae Kim

2 Haeng Jik Kim

3 Ja In Kang

4 Phuong Vinh Bao


1 Haeun Kim

2 Jung Hyeon Park

3 Yoon Cho


The podium with Haeng Jik Kim, Jun Tae Kim, Phuong Vinh Bao, Ja In Kang

The ladies winner Haeun Kim

The youth podium under 22