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Hugo Patino, five years later, fifth title in USBA


Published by frits bakker

The new champion Hugo Patino (right), nr. 2 Pedro Piedrabuena (middle) with one of USBA's figureheads Ira Lee

NEW YORK - Hugo Patiño has won the USBA championship for the fifth time in his career in a final against his biggest rival Pedro Piedrabuena. In the final, Patino won 40-31 in 26, averaging 1,538/1,240. That was five years since Patino's last title: he won the championship in 2003, 2009, 2016 and 2019 and now in 2024.

In the preliminary round, Hugo Patiño beat Harry Peña 40-16 in 24 in the semi-finals and Caros Mario Vilegas 40-16 in 27 in the quarter-finals. Piedrabuena won against Tae Kyo Lee 40-25 in 26 in the semi-finals.

The two finalists are the multiple winners in the USBA championship. Pedro Piedrabuena is the record holder with Sang Chun Lee with 12 wins.

Hugo Patiño was born in Colombia, came to Atlanta in 2000 and later to New York where he got a job in a billiards club. The country's new champion boasts a strong year. With Raymon Groot, who is from the Netherlands and moved to New York, Patino played an outstanding world team championship in Viersen this year. The USA team finished on the podium.

The results in USBA championship:
Hugo Patiño
Pedro Piedrabuena
Harry Peña
Tae Kyo Lee
Carlos Mario Villegas
Sang Ho Kim
John Park
Jim Semerci