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Hashas new in PBA, Kasidokostas returns


Published by frits bakker

Filippo Kasidokostas returns to the PBA league

SEOUL - The new PBA team league, the Korean pro tour, will start in about six weeks with a total of nine teams. The best-known new players are young Turk Burak Hashas and two players returning to the circuit: Spanish Colombian Robinson Morales and Greek Filippos Kasidokostas. These three players join the team competition. Burak Hashas plays his last World Cup for UMB this weekend in his home country, the capital Ankara. Hashas is number 24 in the UMB Players Ranking after his excellent performance in Ho Chi Minh. There, in the UMB, he will lose his position after Ankara. The first individual PBA tournament starts on 18 June, the women two days earlier.

Burak Hashas plays in the High Resort team, like Lütfi Cenet and Choong Bok Lee. Filippos Kasidokostas will join the Welcome Savings Banks team in which Semih Sayginer is one of the players. Robinson Morales starts in the Huons team with Javier Palazón and Sung-won Choi.

The teams consist of four men and three women. Most of the players are from South Korea. In the team competition, five Spaniards will showe up: Dani Sánchez, Javier Palazón, Juan Zapata, David Martinez and Antonio Montes. Furthermore, 5 Turks (Semih Sayginer, Murat Naci Coklu, Lütfi Cenet, Burak Hashas and Can Capak). Four players are from Vietnam: Minh Cam Ma, Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, Duc Anh Chien and Dinh Nai Ngo. Also 1 from Belgium, Eddy Leppens, 1 from Greece, Filippos Kasidokostas, 1 from Colombia, Robinson Morales, 1 from Japan, Yusuke Mori.

Apart from Korean ladies in the teams, only Sruong Pheavy is from Cambodia and two Japanese ladies Orie Hida and Ayako Sakai are playing.

The composition of the teams for the 2024/25 season:


Men: Javier Palazón, Sung-won Choi, Robinson Morales, Sang-dae Lee

Ladies: Se-yeon Kim, Yu-ram Cha, Shin-young Lee

High 1 Resort

Men: Lütfi Cenet, Choong-bok Lee, Sung-kyun Yim, Burak Hashas

Ladies: Hyun-ji Yong, Mi-rae Lee, Ji-woo Jeon

Welcome Savings Bank

Men: Hyun-min Seo, Filippos Kasidokostas, Semih Sayginer, Im-gwon Kim

Ladies: Ye-eun Kim, Hye-me Choi, Do-Kyung Kim

Wori Financial Capital

Men: David Zapata, Can Capak, Sang-pil Eom, Min-gu Kang

Ladies: Sruong Pheavy, Han-sol Seo, Min-young Kim

SY Bazzar:

Dani Sánchez, Deuk-hee Hwang, In-su Park, Yusuke Mori

Ladies: Ji-eun Han, Ga-yeon Jang, Bal-hae Kwon

Crown Hatai

Men: David Martinez, Jae-guen Kim, Tae-jun Oh, Hyung-bum Hwang, Duc Anh Chien Nguyen

Ladies: Jung-suk Lim, Min-joo Baek

NH Nonghyup Card

Men: Minh Cam Ma, Antonio Montes, Jae-ho Cho, Hyun woo Kim

Ladies: Min-a Kim, Bo-mi Kim, Su-bin Jeong

SK Rent a car

Men: Eddy Leppens, Dinh Nai Ngo, Dong-Koong Kang, Keon-hwi Cho

Ladies: Orie Hida, Ji-eun Kang, Ye-eun Jo

Hana Card

Men: Murat Naci Coklu, Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, Byeong-ho Kim, Jung-ju Shin

Ladies: Ayako Sakai, Ga-young Kim, Jin-ah Kim.