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Blomdahl and Horn shine with double win in bundesliga


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Martin Horn, here with his Viersen-teammate Ronny Lindemann, took a double win with BC International, his team lost two matches

BERLIJN/WEYWIESEN - Torbjörn Blomdahl and Martin Horn took two wins in a double weekend with their teams in the Bundesliga. BC Weywiesen (Blomdahl) remains the leader with eight points out of four matches. Martin Horn's BC International is in 6th place from eight teams in the top division. Torbjörn Blomdahl won with Weywiesen against Elversberg on Saturday, beating Klaus Bernhard Bosel himself 50-25 in 33 innings. On Sunday, Blomdahl was the better of Spanish Colombian Robinson Morales 50-45 in 33 in an away match against BC Nied.

BC International lost the away match against BCC Witten 6-2 and was beaten by Velbert 5-3 on Sunday. Horn won this Sunday against Eddy Merckx 50-36 in 33 and on Saturday vs Ronny Lindemann 50-29 in 32.

BC Elfenbein is ranked number two after this double weekend. The team played a 4-4 draw against Nied and won the away match against Elversberg 5-3 on Sunday. For Elfenbein, Frenchman Adrien Tachoire won his match against Carlos Crespo 50-49 in 36. In the away match against Nied, Tachoire lost to Robinson Morales 50-24 in 28. Rui Costa won his two matches this weekend: 50-44 to Dustin Jäschke and 50-34 in 29 to Christian Rudolph.

Dutchman John Tijssen played a double weekend with Elfenbein. He won against Patrick Sovsky 40-33 in 23 on Saturday and vs Michael Lohse 40-28 in 23 on Sunday.

The results in the Bundesliga this weekend:


Elversberg-Weywiesen 2-6

Nied-Elfenbein 4-4

Witten-BC International 6-2

Velbert-Erlangen 2-6 


Elversberg-Elfenbein 3-5

Nied-Weywiesen 2-6

Witten-Erlangen 6-2

Velbert-BC International 5-3.