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Turkish girlpower and new kids on the block


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Three Turkish players for the finals: Karakasli, Fendi and Degener

IZMIR - The world championship three cushion for women in Turkish Izmir comes to the knock-out with eight players after the qualification rounds. Four European ladies, of whom three from the hosting country Turkey, three Asians and one South American advanced around noon for the quarters, which are played at 17.00 (16.00 West Europe). The matches show a wonderful poster, with Degener vs Karakasli and Hida against Kim. Coming up soon: Turkish girlpower and new kids on the block!!

Cambodian Sruong Pheavy was the first on the ranking with the maximum 6 match points and 0.862 of average followed by Therese Klompenhouwer from the Netherlands (6 points) and Gülsen Degener from Turkey with five match points. Korean Bo Mi Kim was the fourth group winner after her start with a loss against Jaimie Buelens. The Belgian, who lost over 50 kilos of weight, ended her tournament with two losses and could not qualify. Orie Hida, the reigning world champion, was the best runner-up in the four groups of four players.

The matches for today are:
Sruong Pheavy-Claudia Lalinde
Therese Klompenhouwer-Aysegul Fendi
Gülsen Degener-Guzin Mujde Karakasli
Orie Hida-Bo Mi Kim

The best game of 24 matches in the pre-rounds was played by Orie Hida with 25 in 19 innings. The worst match was the last one between Jackeline Perez from Peru and Belgian Jaimie Buelens: 25-15 in 64 innings. The level of the preliminaries was slightly lower than last year in Belgium. There, Therese Klompenhouwer came up with 1.066 and Orie Hida with 0.903. Now, Orie Hida was the best with 1.072 ahead of Sruong Pheavy with 0.862, Therese Klompenhouwer with 0.852 and Gülsen Degener with 0.793.

The averages at the bottom were lower than in the previous edition. In the World championship in Belgium, four players were under 0.500 in the qualifications: Mitterböck with 0.447, Pruim-Emmens with 0.436, Hambilkova with 0.405 and Gomez with 0.372. Seven players now remained under 0.500: Mitterböck with 0.473, Sandoval with 0.447, Fendi with 0.431, Perez with 0.381, Castillo with 0.376, Buelens with 0.369 and Jensen with 0.357.

The rankings in the four qualifying groups:

Group A:
1 Sruong Pheavy 6-0.862-4
2 Orie Hida 4-1.027-4
3 Steffi Daske 2-0.504-4
4 Jeannette Jensen 0-0.357-2

Group B:
1 Gülsen Degener 5-0.793-5
2 Claudia Lalinde 3-0.615-4
3 Ayako Sakai 2-0.577-5
4 Johana Sandoval 2-0.577-5

Group C:
1 Therese Klompenhouwer 6-0.852-6
2 Guzen Mujde Karakasli 4-0.768-8
3 Helga Mitterböck 2-0.473-3
4 Paola Castillo 0-0.376-3

Group D:
1 Bo Mi Kim 4-0.750-6
2 Aysegul Fendi 4-0.431-3
3 Jackeline Perez 2-0.381-4
4 Jaimie Buelens 2-0.369-4.