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Top form Frans van Kuyk and Team Eekhoorn


Published by frits bakker

© Stefan Osnabrug
Frans van Kuyk, best winner in 12 innings

OOSTERHOUT/SLUISKIL - The fantastic team-average of 1.973 made Team Eekhoorn the top team of the week in the Dutch league. Frans van Kuyk, one of the prominent players in the premier three-cushion league, was by far the best man on the 14th match day of Kozoom’s league. The Brabander won his match against Harrie van de Ven with an impressive 40-9 in 12 innings. Team Eekhoorn's 2-6 victory at Team Nachwacht keeps the camping team on the trail of SIS Schoonmaak, which remains in the lead after its 7-1 win against Dallinga in Sluiskil. Team Eekhoorn highlighted three great winners. Frans van Kuyk was excellent, Nikos Polychronopoulos beat Savas Bulut 40-38 in 16 and Peter Ceulemans won his match with Erwin Kivits 40-22 in 21. The only, misstep in the team performance came from Jerry Hermans, who lost to Frank Martens 40-30 in 27.

On that 14th day of play, Cues&Darts suffered an unexpected slip against Bousema, which also provided a magnificent demonstration of regularity in its own arena in Lochem. Jeffrey Jorissen was the proud front-runner with a win over Robinson Morales (40-30 in 26), Johan Loncelle was just as strong with a win against Glenn Hofman (40-39 in 26) and Sander Jonen showed that he has not lost his touch in three-cushion yet. The artistic champion won by a wide margin against Huub Wilkowski: 40-26 in 27. The only loser at Bousema was Frans van Schaik, who won for his team in Belgium on Saturday against Eddy Merckx. On Sunday, Frans van Schaik went down against Spaniard Ruben Legazpi 40-47 in 26.

The number 1 team with a slight lead, SIS Schoonmaak, faced a tricky away game: Dallinga Sluiskil, which had invited Raymond Ceulemans as a moral booster. The Zeeland team faced SIS Schoonmaak with the strongest team, but was beaten 1-7. Steven van Acker was the only one to score one point against Raimond Burgman, many times a tormentor for Dallinga’s rteam. Raymund Swertz subdued Peter De Backer 40-34 in 31, Berry Dallinga was able to follow Martien van der Spoel for a long time, but bowed out in the final sprint 40-34 in 35. And the two champions, Eddy Merckx and Jean Paul de Bruijn, played a match dominated by the Belgian. Merckx was already on the outs when De Bruijn had scored just over ten. The Belgian wasted a few more innings, eventually making it 40-26 in 25.

J&F Auto's made a slip in the home match against Dekker/AP (2-6), partly because Therese Klompenhouwer just missed the finish against Gerwin Valentijn (39-40 in 30) and Joey de Kok was beaten by two caroms by Barry van Beers (40-38 in 33). Stichting Topbiljart Zundert came away with a 2-6 win at Aartsbouw Sprundel. In that match, Turgay Orak won on centercourt vs Roland Forthomme 40-26 in 18. Ronny Brants lost the chance for a draw against Sergio Jimenez 40-38 in 32. Thorsten Frings and Sam van Etten were excellent winners for Zundert in 24 and 29 innings.

DKM Tools moved slightly away from last place with a resounding victory over Burgmans Biljarts. In that match, Dion Nelin beat Anno de Kleine 40-19 in 24, Roland Uijtdewillegen was the best man for his team with a win against Marco Janssen: 40-12 in 18.

SIS Schoonmaak is in the lead with 21 in 14 ahead of Team Eekhoorn with 20, Zundert with 19 and Cues&Darts and Bousema with 18 points.