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Thomas Andersen victorious at Danish championship


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Thomas Andersen, second Danish title after having won the Nordic championship

VEJLE - In the city of Vejle, the Danish championship in three cushion was played in front of a full audience. Thomas Adersen, representing Varde BK, took his second Danish title after winning his first in 2016. In 2017, Thomas also won the Nordic Championship. In the final now, he beat Dion Nelin 50-41 in 36. Andersen led 26-22 at the break and finished it off after 35 points, mainly because Nelin was struggeling with his stroke.

Andersen kept on scoring and finished the championship in fine style. Nelin lost his title and also 12 points off the world ranking.  It was the first time that Nelin lost a deciding final game in Denmark. Eight times before, Nelin won all his championship finals.

Andersen did an amazing job in the semi-finals of the 2019 championship. He was trailing 26-9 against Lars Dunch in 16 innings at the break, but then scored his last 41 points in 15 innings, including runs of 7, 7, 10 and 6 and won 50-44 in 31 innings.

The other semi-final was a showdown between the reigning Danish champion Dion Nelin and Zola Hansen. In a tight and tactical game, Dion Nelin won the match 50-49 in 44 innings. Zola Hansen missed a chance to finish at 49, Nelin then scored the two points to win the semi-final.
Tonny Carlsen, the best Danish player on the world ranking, did not qualify to the knock out matches from the group phase with 16 players in four groups.

Thomas Andersen made the best run with 15, Brian Zola Hansen had the best match with a 2.500 average.

Final result (best 6 players):
1 Thomas Andersen, 1.442
2 Dion Nelin 1.290
3 Lars Dunch 1.243
4 Brian Zola Hansen 1.433
5 Jacob Haack-Sorensen 1.169
6 Allan Schröder 1.162.

Danmark is organizing the 2019 UMB World championship in three cushion, which will be played in Randers from November 26-30, 2019 of.