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Therese makes her dreams come true: world champion


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Therese Klompenhouwer shows her happiness after she won the World championship

SINOP - The best in the world was Therese Klompenhouwer already for many years. But she never could award that status with a world title in three cushion. In the Turkish city of Sinop, the 31-year-old European champion made her dreams and her reputation come true. Therese Klompenhouwer became world champion after the win in the final against her last Japanese opponent Yuko Nishimoto: 25-15 in 24 innings.

The victory in the crazy billiard country Turkey may be seen as a reward for years of hard work, was the confirmation of her undisputed high class and gave a new dimension to the ladies billiards. For the first time after four Japanese victories the world title goes to Europe and no one deserved it more than the Dutch star player.

She felt the rivalry of the Asian players at this World chamionship, of whom Orie Hida (three world titles) is still a figurehead, Natsumi Higashiuchi as reigning champion was not on her best, Yuko Nishimoto (the finalist) and Shin Young Lee (half final) showed a very strong progression when the final day approached.

Therese withstood the pressure and the opposition, felt the threat flawlessly and played more concentrated than ever on the way to her most valuable title. She shone with a powerful strategy in her last matches: offensive, technical, tactical and defensive.

Thus she bested Korean Lee in the semi-finals (25-13, 22 innings, 1.136 average) and finally passed the last Japanese cliff, Yuko Nishimoto, who was finalist at the last World championship and Japanese champion.

Yuko was already 15-5 down at the break in, scribbled back for a while, but was knocked down with a powerful final shot of the champion. In the crowded billiard center, Therese (Terri for friends) Klompenhouwer received the golden medal which she was chasing for so many years.

She arrived in Sirop in her best form after her sensational performance in the World Cup in Guri. Two training sessions with Torbjörn Blomdahl and endless practicing on her own, not only had given her the flawless feeling mental strength, but also self-confidence.

Therese was ready for the tournament that will even give more color to her career. The (billiards)life of the phenomenon, who grew up at the billiard table in the cafe of her father, will change. She will no longer be seen as the five time European champion, from now she's the best in the world. The Japanese hegemony is finally broken, the best billiard star in the world lives now in the Netherlands, in the small billiards country where Dick Jaspers was crowned three times before as the men's world champion.

Therese Klompenhouwer can look back on a fairly long career, but also has many good years ahead. ,,Billiards is my life'', tends to say. ,,I enjoy wonderful matches, traveling, meeting great people and especially enjoy the successes.''

She never was so superior on the stage of the global top players. Threat or serious opposition was never there. Not in the preliminaries, in which she bested Jeanette Jensen (25-9 in 19), Yuko Nishimoto (25-17 in 28) and Arzu Gok (25-4 in 18).

The quarterfinal against Helga Mitterböck was a walk-over (25-10 in 21), the semi-final against Shin Young Lee a power display (25-9 in 26) and the final crowned her fantastic performance.

The coup was impressive, the showdown intensely marvelous to watch. The cue was lifted, she showed her happiness to the audience and her supporters and then sank for a little minute down on her chair, head bowed, to just let a small tear flow.
Therese is the new champion, nobody could stop her, she's is the very best in the world of ladies three cushion.

Top ten ranking:

De eindstand (gemiddelde, serie):

1 Therese Klompenhouwer 1.025-5

2 Yuko Nishimoto 0.733-6

3 Shin Young Lee 0.660-5

Danielle le Bruyn 0.605-5

5 Orie Hida 0.941-5

6 Karina Jetten 0.739-5

7 Natsumi Higashiuchi 0.673-4

8 Helga Mitterböck 0.472-3

9 Guzin Karakasil 0.472-3

10 Gülsen Degener 0.536-5.