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Sruong Pheavy: victory and record in LPBA


Published by frits bakker

Sruong Pheavy with a high jump took victory in this event and is the record winner now with 7 wins


GOYANG – Cambodian lady’s player Sruong Pheavy's star in the Korean pro tour is shining again in the firmament of the women's league. At the Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang, Pheavy became winner of the Welcome Savings Bank tour with a victory in the final against another LPBA great, Jung-suk Lim: 4-2 in sets. It was the 2nd win this year for Sruong Pheavy in the PBA, the seventh in total. That makes her the most successful player on the pro tour. The beaming winner celebrated the victory exuberantly with her parents but without her husband, who was in Cambodia to oversee the projects Sruong Pheavy has set up for charities and schools for young children. It is known that most of her prize money goes to those 'Charity works'. The activities consume a lot of Pheavy's time, who confessed in her winner's speech that the last few months have been difficult for her due to unfortunate incidents. ''I’m going to fully focus on my billiard career again from now on,'' she said at the PBA stadium, where the final was not very high in averages (0.700 against 0.633) but was a highlight of this tour in quality and excitement.

Jung-suk Lim won the first two sets 11-9 and 11-3, then Pheavy dominated the match 11-8, 11-10, 11-4 and 11-6. This makes her the best player in the LPBA since its inception. Ga-young Kim won six tournaments, Jung-suk Lim won five times, for Sruong Pheavy the record is now with seven wins. According to the PBA's calculations, Pheavy is now the number two in earnings for this season with 22,000 euros. The highest in earnings this season is Japan's Ayako Sakai with 40,500. Ga-young Kim is the top earner over an entire career in the LPBA with around 200,000 euros. Pheavy is just below that.

The tournament that ended on Sunday had Korean dominance in the semi-finals. Sruong Pheavy won her match against Kyung-ja Kim 3-2, Jung-suk Lim beat Bo-mi Kim 3-1. In the quarter-finals, Bo-mi Kim was the player who eliminated Ga-young Kim 3-2. Jung-suk Lim won against Min-joo Baek 3-0, Pheavy against Hye-ri Jang 3-0 and Kyung-ja Kim beat Japan's Natsumi Higaschiuchi 3-0.

Sruong Pheavy, happy with her record win in LPBA

Cambodian winner Sruong Pheavy kissing her cue after the winning point in the final game

Jung-suk Lim shows her disappointment after her loss in the final match