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Robinson Morales champion in Colombia


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Robinson Morales took the title in Colombia

BOGOTÁ - Robinson Morales has taken the title in three cushion in Colombia by a win in the final of the national championship in Bogotá. He defeated Julian Torres in the final match 40-25 in 22 innings. Alexander Salazar and Pedro Gonzales were beaten in the semifinals. Cristian Sanchez is the new national junior champion. The entire top of Colombian three cushion took a shot at the title. The organization, the Colombian federation, received so many inscriptions, that the preliminaries were played with a bigger number of participants to come to the schedule with 64 in the main tournament. In the preliminary rounds was played to 30 caroms, in the final tournament to 40.

Cesar Garzon recorded a match of 30 in 11 innings in the qualifying rounds. Julian Torres won a 30-match in 15.

Robinson Morales qualified for the finals by wins in the quarterfinals over Luis Martinez (40-21 in 27) and in the semi-finals against Alexander Salazar (40-34 in 25). Julian Torres reached the final by wins over Julian Morales in the quarterfinals (40-20 in 29) and Pedro Gonzales in the semifinals (40-22 in 27).

The losing quarter-finalists were Julian Morales, Henry Diaz, Luis Martinez and Carlos Villegas.

Cristian Sanchez is the new junior champion by a victory in the final over Nelson Caro (20-7 in 16).

The final ranking top ten:
1 Robinson Morales 1.473
2 Julian Torres 1.194
3 Alexander Salazar 1.242
4 Pedro Gonzales 1.309
5 Henry Diaz 1.294
6 Carlos Villegas 1.185
7 Luis Martinez 1.240
8 Julian Morales 1.045
9 Huberney Catano 1.328
10 Carlos Campino 1.300.

Robinson Morales in the final match in Bogotá

Cristian Sanchez took the junior title