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Martin Horn unbeatable in race to Masters title


Published by frits bakker

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The podium for the German Masters with Martin Horn as the great winner

HERTEN – The best German three cushion player, Martin Horn, has lost the title to Christian Rudolph this year, but he won the first edition of the German Masters with flying colors. Horn defeated the outsider Klaus Bosel in the final 50-41 in 30 innings.

And like Dani Sánchez in the Spanish title race and Dick Jaspers in a Grand Prix in the Netherlands, Martin Horn showed himself the very best in his country. He remained unbeaten and finished 2.000 average.

The German number 15 in the world ranking played six matches in Herten, won them all with convincing numbers and defeated his main rival, the German champion Christian Rudolph.

The final game, against 55-year old Klaus Bosel, was a demonstration of Horn's high class. His opponent showed himself a tough fighter, coming back in the match after trailing 17 points, but closing the gap to 44-41 in 29 innings. Then, the champion from Bergisch Gladbacher, finished with 6.

The race to the Masters title:

He defeated Mark Galla 40-31 in 23 innings (1.740).

He defeated Klaus Bosel 40-26 in 18 innings (2.222).

He defeated Mark Dömer 40-26 in 23 innings (1.740).

He defeated Jens Eggers in the quarterfinals 50-23 in 25 innings (2.000)

He defeated Christian Rudolph in the semifinals with 50-19 (3.125).

He defeated Klaus Bosel in the final 50-41 in 30/29 innings (1.667).

Klaus Bosel, player of BC Ravensburger was the most honorable loser with 41 points against Horn. Bosel delivered a stunning performance in the semifinals when he defeated Mark Galla, who led the entire match, in the final sprint.

The podium was completed by Markus Galla (1.202) and Christian Rudolph (1.252).

The best average (2.000) and the best match average (3,125) were from Martin Horn, the best run (15) for Stefan Hetzel.