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Magnificent Jaspers in Czech league: 2,666 on average


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Famous soccer player Panenka at the billiard with Dick Jaspers and Martin Bohac

PRAGUE - Current world number 1 Dick Jaspers played a main role in the 5th playing weekend in Czech 3-cushion league. The overall winner of the World cup circuit 2019 was invited to play for the first time in his career in the Czech competition. He joined the team of BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov. Two years ago, in 2017, Jaspers played for the team of Mr. Jiri Vitek in the Coupe d‘Europe for classic teams.

Dick Jaspers showed up as a real number one in the team in which he played with the most successful Czech player on international level, Martin Bohac, and two promising young players, Adam Baca and Adam Kozak. Both matches were played in the home room of the team Sokol Zizkov where the Coupe d‘Europe for classic teams was played in 2016 and 2017. This Saturday, the home team beat BC Poruba, a team from the third biggest city in Czech republic, Ostrava, 6-2. The match attracted a completly full room, over 60 spectators. Most special guest: Mr. Antonin Panenka, the famous Czech soccer player (Panenka's penalty): the now 71 year old Czech scored the winning goal with a softly-chipped ball up the middele of the goal against West Germany at Euro 1976.

The cameras of Czech national TV station registered a wonderful finish by a run of 11 scored by Martin Bohac against Pavel Domansky. At that moment Radovan Hajek, three cushion European champion small table in 2017, led 30-31 in 17th inning against Dick Jaspers. Then, Jaspers showed the crowd his high class and ran 7 and 3 to finish in 19 innings. On Sunday, BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov beat BC Havirov 8 to 0. Victim of Dick Jaspers' great performance was Ivo Gazdos. Jaspers played an excellent game, finished by a run of 5 in the 11th inning. That was the best match ever played in Czech republic. The 4 time World champion averaged 2,666 over his two matches. A great performance in front of Czech billiard fans.

The Czech 3-cushion competiton is played with 8 teams. The Kladno team is leading ahead of Dick Jaspers's team. The next roun is scheduled on 8th and 9th of February. BC Kladno and BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov then will face each other. Danish player Dion Nelin will play for Zizkov team, German Markus Schönhoff for the Kladno team. These teams have a big chance to be qualified for the Coupe d'Europe.

Top 4 ranked teams:
1. BC Kladno 14 points, score 54-18
2. BC Vitkov-Sokol Zizkov 14, 53-19
3. BC Havirov 11, 42-30
4. BC Poruba 11, 40-30.

Dick Jaspers left with Martin Bohac, Adam Kozac and Adam Baca