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Klaus Bosel plays the final against Martin Horn


Published by frits bakker

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Martin Horn, the big favorite for winning the Masters

HERTEN - The big favorite for winning the Masters in Germany, with only one match to play, is Martin Horn, who was head and shoulders the best so far in Herten. The multiple champion of his country shows up in the final against Klaus Bosel, one of the revelations in the tournament. The little Saarlander reached the final, other favorites like Christian Rudolph, Jens Eggers, Ronny Lindemann and Markus Galla were knocked down in the preliminary stages.

Klaus Bosel is the man on a mission in the Masters. He was for sure not in the the list of favorites, but survived the group stage, defeated Stefan Hetzel in the quarterfinals 50-33 in 42 innings and this morning Markus Galla in the semifinals 50-48 in 35.

Markus Galla was the last of three players from the organizing club GT Buer that reached the quarterfinals.

Martin Horn showed himself a bridge too far in the other semi-final against Christian Rudolph. The matches was closed in sixteen innings in favor of Horn (50-19).

Rudolph, champion of Germany this year and second at the European championships in Brandenburg in the final against Marco Zanetti, could not threaten Horn for a moment.

The final is at 14.00, premium pass holder can watch it live at Kozoom.