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Jose Juan Garcia the best in Argentine


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The proud winner Jose Juan Garcia

QUILMES - The Argentine club Unión was the excellent organizer of the Grand Prix Panamericano in Quilmes. The winner was the young former junior world champion Jose Juan Garcia, who was the best in the final against Fernando Diaz 40-22 in 27 innings. Two other Colombians, Vandenver Reina and Robinson Morales, were the numbers three on the podium.

The Grand Prix in Quilmes started with 51 participants from Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay, who were devided into seventeen groups of three in the preliminaries.

Jose Juan Garcia, the final winner, started the tournament with a loss against the Argentinian Sergio Romero (30-25 in 32), then found his rhythm and won all the matches including the final.

He defeated consecutively Jorge Malachitte (Arg) 30-8 in 29, Harry Pena 40-28 in 21 (with a run of ten), the Argentine Adriano Paz in the quarterfinals (40-27 in 31) and the surprisingly strong Vandenver Reina in the semi-finals 40-28 in 36 innings.

Jose Juan Garcia showed his admiration for the organizer after the finals: ,,I am very pleased that we have been welcomed by this club in Quilmes, where we were treated like kings.''

The bronze medals were won by Robinson Morales, who defeated Estiven Urribe in the quarterfinals (40-27 in 28) and in the semi-finals was beaten by Fernando Diaz (40-38 in 28). Vandenver Reina survived the quarter-finals on penalty shots against Oscar Pachas and lost in the semi-finals to Garcia 40-28 in 36.

Garcia and Morales scored the highest runs (10), Juan Jose Garcia played the best match: 30 in 14, 2.143 average.

The Spanish player Javier Palazón was invited for an exhibition that he playd with Fernando Diaz.

The four final players Vandenver Reina, Robinson Morales, Fernando Diaz and the winner Jose Juan Garcia

The rankings and price money:

1 Jose Juan Garcia, US $ 2.500
2 Fernando Diaz $ 1.500
3 Robinson Moarles $ 1.000
4 Vandenver Reina $ 1.000
5 Oscar Pachas $ 300
6 Adriano Paz $ 300
7 Miguel Guixe $ 250
8 Steven Uribe $ 250.