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Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni take power


Published by frits bakker

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Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni took the title at the Pan Americans

CALI - The Americans Hugo Patino and Mazin Shooni are the winners of the Pan American championship for national teams. The strong team defeated in the final game the two Venezuelans Miguel Canton and Merlin Romero, who defended the title in Cali.

The return of the Americans, who were unable to show up last year because they played their own championship at that time, and Mexico have increased the tension and the level at the Pan Americans. Shooni and Patino played 1.174 overall average.
The teams of America (B), Venezuela (A) Mexico (B) and Venezuela (B) had qualified for the quarterfinals of the nation teams. The Colombian teams, playing a home match, were eliminated. Colombia played with Arley Galeano-Carlos Campino, Luis Julian Martinez-Torres and Miguel Romero-Julian Morales.

The Mexican team, formed by Alan Fields and Raymundo Munoz, was third with 1.209 average.

The individual tournament starts tomorrow at the Pan American championships.

The first five players from the qualifying stage were:
1 Javier Teran (Ecuador) 1.500
2 Lizarazo Andres (Colombia) 1.429
3 Julian Torres (Colombia) 1.395
4 Jose Juan Garcia (Colombia) 1.304
5 Andres Naranjo (Colombia) 1.277.

Thirteen of the 33 players finished over one average.
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