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Huberney Cataño finally takes the title in Lima


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Huberney Cataño finally took the title after two lost final matches

LIMA - The individual title at the Pan American Championship finally was taken by Huberney Cataño after two losses in 2013 and 2014. The Colombian player won the breathtaking final against his compatriot Andres Lizarazo 40-39 in 35 innings and eventually got rid of a complex. Two years ago he lost to the American Piedrabuena, last year to Henry Diaz on the stage where he's supposed to shine as one of the great Colombian stars.

Two finals in a row were lost, in Cali (2013) against Pedrabuena and one year later in Medellin (2014) against Henry Diaz after a match with a 40-40 final score, lost in extra time from the penalty spots.

It seemed as if history was repeating for Cataño in the 2015 final, when after a 21-3 lead in five innings the opponent attacked with runs of 5, 8, 1 and 7 ,,I was afraid to lose the final again'', Cataño said later.

The score was 33-20 when Cataño found his rhythm with 9, 4 and 2. He took the lead again at 36-35 in the 34th inning. The public then watched a wonderful endrush of the two Colombian soldiers, won in the closing innings by Cataño 40-39.

,,I woke up right in time and thought: it's now or never'', the winner said. He lifted his arms after the winning carom, rewarded with a standing ovation from the spectators. Huberney posed for pictures, signed autographs and then returned to the table, where he laid his head on the table and started to cry and show his joy. ,,I finally did it'', the champion said with tears in his eyes.
In the semi-final Huberney Cataño defeated the Argentinian Juan Pablo Sisterna 40-25 in 32, Andres Lizarazo bested Christopher Tevez 40-35 in 41.

The new champion with his Colombian friends

The Colombian teams take a stap now at the Pan American team championship, including Cataño and Diaz.

The best individual average: Christopher Tevez from Peru with 2.105 and Javier Teran 1.461, Julian Morales scored the highest run with 14.

Andres Lizarazo was close to the title in the final match

Christopher Tevez from Peru: best average.