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Grand Prix in Germany starts new cycle


Published by frits bakker

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Jens Eggers, who took the initiative and Martin Horn, the first seeded player

HERTEN – The best sixteen three cushion players in Germany will start off in the German Dreiband Masters in the upcoming days. The tournament, from 31 May until 2 June, is held in Herten and played for the first time. Jens Eggers took the initiative and is player himself.

The Kozoom Premium pass holders can watch the matches live.

The best fourteen players in the German ranking are qualified together with two wildcards. The seeded players have performed at least in ten matches for the league.

The GDM tournament has received an official status from the German Billard.

The winner earns 2.000 euros, the second 1500 and third place 750 euros.

The matches in the group stage are played to 40 points, final rounds (ko) to 50 caroms.

The four groups of four players are:

Group A: Martin Horn (1.758 average), Stefan Galla (1.158), Klaus Bosel (1.147), Markus Dömer (1.045).

Group B: Christian Rudolph (1.321), Ronnie Lindemann (1.159), Torsten Anders (1.144), Hans-Jürgen Kuhl (1.039).

Group C: Markus Galla (1.289), Andreas Niehaus (1.182), Cengiz Karaca (1.121) Kersten Reinartz (1.059).

Group D: Markus Schönhoff (1.244), Jens Eggers (1.205), Stefan Hetzel (1.114), Michael Puse (1.110).