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Double Dutch victory in European Ladies Cup


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The winners in both disciplines: Mirjam Pruim-Emmens and Therese Klompenhouwer

ROSMALEN - The 33-year Dutch three cushion star Therese Klompenhouwer has won the first tournament for the European Ladies Cup, played in De Hazelaar in Rosmalen, Netherlands. The reigning European and world champion in this discipline defeated Turkish Gülsen Degener in the final 30-16 in twenty innings. The victory was rewarded by 400 euros and is another crown on Therese's so rich honour roll.

Mirjam Pruim-Emmens won the tournament in the free game. The Dutch lady defeated her compatriot Monique van Exter in the final 126-62 in 15 innings.

Therese Klompenhouwer's expected victory in three cushion, in a sixteen players field, was never in danger. In the preliminaries, she crushed the competition in her three matches, played on cruise control 25-5, 25-7 and 25-7 and averaging 1.171. The small hick-up in the quarters, when she met Marianne Mortensen and won 30-18 in 38 innings, was followed by two superb performances on the final day. The semi-final against Karina Jetten ended in 30-15 in 24 (1.250/0.625).

The finishing touch in the final was a glorious closure of Klompenhouwer's tournament. The best in Europe by distance showed her brilliancy from start to finish against Gülsen Degener, who was also her opponent in the final of the European championship. The match, after Therese's kick-start, was already close to the end at 29-11 in 14 innings, but eventually she needed another six innings to win 30-16 in 20. ,,I was just eager to win, my average was less important'', Therese commented after the match as a laureled winner.

In a short reply, the sublime winner said that Degener still is her main competitor in Europe, that Karina Jetten and Marianne Mortensen played a good tournament, the Belgians Jaimie Buelens and Danielle le Bruyn disappointed and the Turkish players Guzin Mujde Karakasli and Auysegul Fendi are making progress.

The victory topped off a hugely impressive tournament. ,,I am very happy with my performance and my 1.100 overall average'', Therese shortly analyezed before the ceremony in De Hazelaar. ,,It was a very good tournament, although I had expected more spectators.'' The girl from Nijkerk has a few weeks of rest now, which she will use to practice for the World Cup in Porto. ,,Then, when I come back, I continue my practicing for the World championship, the most important mission of this season.''

Gülsen Degener, with her strong focus, reached the final by defeating her compatriot Guzin Mujde Karakasli, who led 13-11 after twenty innings, further ran out to 20-16 in 30, but was trumped then by Degener's short sprints to 27-22 and finally 30-23 in 40 innings.

The Ladies Cup in the free game was primarily a Dutch tournament with two foreign players (Monika Steinberger and Heika Hingerl), who couldn't play a main role. The new kid on the block, ​​Daisy Werdekker had a promising start, but was surprisingly beaten by Monique van Exter in the semi-finals 61-15 in 15 innings. Mirjam Pruim-Emmens reached the final by a win against Francine van Yperen 43-26 in 15 innings.

Monique van Exter took the lead in the final by a run of 34 (46-30 in five), then Miriam Pruim-Emmens showed the better end shot: 126-62 in 15 innings.

The three cushion rostrum with Gülsen Degener, Therese Klompenhouwer, Karina Jetten en Guzin Mujde Karakasli


Mirjam Pruim-Emmens on top of the stage with Monique van Exter (left) and Daisy Werdekker

All the final players after the Ladies Cup in Rosmalen