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Colombians for World Cup in Bogotá


Published by frits bakker

© Prenza
Pedro Gonzalez, the Colombian champion

BOGOTÁ – In four Colombian cities was played for the PPPQ qualifiers for the World Cup in Bogotá this last week. The interest was huge with players in Caldas (30), Cali (30), Cajicá (108) and Bogotá (123). 291 players were in action. The highest level was achieved in Bogota with four qualified players over 1,200.

Pedro Gonzales and Daniel Morales are the wildcard players on behalf of Colombia in the main draw from next week Friday. José Juan García, Luis Martínez and Huberney Cataño will be in action in the Prequalifiers on Wednesday.

The players who could qualify for the World Cup, which starts in Bogotá on Monday:


Fabián Ordóñez with 1.406

Diego López 1.324

Arley Castrillón 1,243

Andres Naranjo 1,123


Pablo Ocampo 1,076

Wilmer Giraldo 1,067

Kwalificaties in Antioquia

Sergio Hernandez 1,357

Alexander Muñoz 1,324

Arley Montoya 1,073

José Duarte 0.926

Kwalificaties in Bogota

Dani Moreno 1.219

Andres Lizarazo 1,214

Julian Torres 1,228

Sergio Donato 1,221