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Burak Hashas defends leading position in CEB event


Published by frits bakker

The Longoni Next gen event in Desio, Italy from 16 to 18 February

DESIO - For the European Under-21 billiard players, 21 players will come into action this weekend, Friday 16 to Sunday 18 February, for the second Longoni Next-Gen event this season. The tournament will be played in the Lombardy town of Desio in Italy. This competition, organized by the Italian federation under the auspices of the CEB (European confederation) and sponsored by Longoni, consists of three events: the two Grand Prix tournaments (Ostrava and Desio) and the European three cushion Championship in Los Alcazares in Spain from 29 March to 1 April.

The top three players in the final rankings will receive a wild card for the European Senior Championship.

After the first GP in Ostrava, Burak Hashas leads the standings, followed by Selahattin Ozkul and Spaniards Daniel Sainz-Pardo and Marcos Morales.

The first two days of the second tournament in Desio are destined for the qualifications over 25 points. Matches are played in three groups of five and one group of six players. From the 8-player knock-outs onwards, matches will move to 35 points with 6 group winners and the top two runners-up on overall average.

The group formats:

Group A:

Burak Hashas, Amir Ibraimov, Arturo Daniel Zotov, Luca Philipoom, Aristeidis Banis

Group B:

Denizcan Akkoca, Toni Garcia, Daniel Kristiansen, Nathan Legendre, Mio Svensson

Group C:

Mustafa Oguz Ceylan, Daniel Sainz-Pardo, Joris van 't Zelfden, Georgios Tsokantas, Charles Legendre

Group D:

Goncalo Santos, Marcos Morales, Tangui Duriez, Toon Bollansee, Joeri Wilkowski, Miko Russino.

The current ranking of the Longoni Next gen under 21:

  1. Burak Hashas (Turkije) 40 punten
  2. Selahattin Ozkul (Turkije) 27
  3. Daniel Sainz-Pardo (Spanje) 19
  4. Marcos Morales (Spanje) 19
  5. Luca Philipoom (Nederland) 13
  6. Joris van ’t Zelfden (Nederland) 13
  7. Amir Ibraimov (Duitsland) 13
  8. Georgios Tsokantas (Griekenland) 13
  9. Toni Garcia (Spanje) 8
  10. Goncalo Santos (Portugal) 8
  11. Arturo Daniel Zotov (Spanje) 8
  12. Tangui Duriez (Frankrijk) 8
  13. Toon Bollansee (België) 4
  14. Aristeldis Banis (Griekenland) 4
  15. Nicolas Cermak (Tsjechië) 4
  16. Paolo Turla (Italië) 4
  17. Charles Legendre (Frankrijk) 3
  18. Nathan Legendre (Frankrijk) 3
  19. Mio Svensson (Zweden) 3
  20. Joeri Wilkowski (Nederland) 3.

The CEB representive lady for this event is Eva Viding Bussel

Burak Hashas from Turkey is the leading player in the rankings.