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Andy Efler's miraculous week: 0-40 and the title


Published by frits bakker

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Andy Efler, champion for the 6th time in Austria

VIENNA - Andreas Efler's week was one of extremes. The Austrian player was treated by Dick Jaspers to an unbelievable punishment last week: a 40-0 defeat in 4 innings. Andy's revenge only lasted one week: this weekend, Efler became Austrian champion for the sixth time, equalizing the the record best run in his country: 17.

In the German league, Efler played the most bizarre match from his career. The magicien Jaspers, who played a world record, didn't leave any carom for the Austrian in four spectacular innings. Efler was bewildered and surprised, but didn't suffer under the 40-0. In the Austrian championship, he took the title on Sunday in the final against Herbert Szivach. ,,Thanks to my fans'', Efler said afterwards. ,,One week after being massacred by Jaspers, I am the champion now.''

The championship was played to 40 points. Efler won in the final against Szivach (averages 1.379/1.000), in the semi-finals against Georg Schmied (1.333/] 0.900) and in the quarterfinals vs Herbert Thür (1.000).

The group winners in the four heats were Arnim Kahofer (1.263), Karl Makik (1.000), Andreas Efler (1.500) and Herbert Szivach (1.016). In his match against Georg Schmied, Efler shone with a run of 17, an equal of the Austrian record. Arnim Kahofer, one of the favourites, was eliminated by Herbert Szivach in the semi-finals.

In the ladies championship, Helga Mitterböck became champion after beating in the final Ingrid Engelbrecht: averages 0.480 and 0.320. Mitterböck reached the final by a win over Samira Mölzer, Engelbrecht by beating Monika Steinberger 2-0. For Mitterböck it was the third title in a row.