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Andreas Efler takes title in excellent final


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The Austrian champion Andreas Efler, who beat Andreas Kronlachner in the final match

POTTENDORF - The Austrian Andreas Efler has conquered the three cushion title in his country. He won the championship, played in Pottendorf, for the fourth time in his career. Efler defeated Andreas Kronlachner in the final in an excellent performance: 40-16 in eighteen innings.

Helga Mittelbröck was the champion in the women tournament.

The later champion did not have his best run-up: in the quarterfinals he bested Karl Makik in 47 innings. Then, Efler sprang to life and showed himself the best of all. Andreas Horvath was defeated in the semi-final 40-23 in 25 innings.

,,This is an incredibly day for me'', Efler responded after finishing with the title. ,,Today, on the final day, it was really my day. I started with a tough quarterfinal, followed by the good match in the semi-finals with a run of thirteen and then came the climax in the final match. It really was a tournament with a great atmosphere, that must be said.''

The last opponent in the final, Andreas Kronlachner, made an end to the illusions of the triple winner Arnim Kahofer in the semi-finals: 40-31 in 33 innings.
,,I have won my last match against Arnim in the bundesliga'', Kronlachner said. ,,That's why I entered the match with a good feeling. The game was in my favor and I could take advantage of Arnim's mistakes.''

In the women tournament, Helga Mittelbröck took the title as expected. She defeated among others Natascha Al Mamar 25-11 in 38 innings. The young Samira Mölzer convinced with the best overall average of all participants (0.478). She was third on the podium.

The rostrum with all the finalists in Pottendorf