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Two leaders in Dutch league in an exciting battle


Published by frits bakker

© Paul Brekelmans
Peter Ceulemans, in an excellent form, now riant winner against Eddy Leppens

OOSTERHOUT – ’’The finish is in sight and we are still hanging’’, said Jerry Hermans, team sponsor and player of Team Eekhoorn from Oosterhout this Sunday at the end of an exciting day. The teamboss was obviously referring to the position on top of the Dutch premier league for teams with two rounds of play to go. SIS Schoonmaak made a half misstep with a 4-4 against Cues&Darts. Team Eekhoorn won the home match against Burgmans Biljarts with the maximum score 8-0 on this 20th matchday. It has been a while since top team SIS Schoonmaak had to battle until the end.

The individual stars in these exciting weeks of the Kozoom league are Glenn Hofman, who has now won against Eddy Merckx, Peter Ceulemans, Frans van Kuyk and Jeffrey Jorissen. Glenn Hofman has been winning almost all his matches for months and also does not shy away for matches with world-class players. Peter Ceulemans of his last four games (40 points), won twice in 12 and once in 14 innings. Frans van Kuyk, indestructible and also champion in Belgium this week, will certainly make an important duo with Peter Ceulemans in the play-offs with Team Eekhoorn.

However strong teams show up at this stage, it is no guarantee for success. The examples occur every week. Burgmans Biljarts has been deploying PBA pro Eddy Leppens for three weeks in the battle to stay in the premier league. The Belgian lost all his three matches: to Dick Jaspers, Dave Christiani and this Sunday hopelessly against Peter Ceulemans 40-20 in 14 innings. Another example: Erwin Kivits faced Turkish PBA player Birol Uymaz as Team Nachtwacht's leader. The Dutchman, a sub-top player, triumphed 40-37 in 33.

The showdown is now fast approaching. Except that Topbiljart Zundert and Dekker still have to catch up on Friday (10 May), the final standings will now be decided next weekend in the double round on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May.

For the two frontrunners, the schedule is: SIS Schoonmaak at home against Dekker on Saturday and on Sunday to Topbiljart Zundert. Team Eekhoorn at home against Cues&Darts on Saturday, Sunday away to Dekker/AP.

At the bottom, DKM Tools needs one more point to play themselves safe. That has to happen in an away match against Dallinga or a home game against Aartsbouw Sprundel. Team Nachtwacht in those lower regions still plays against J&F Auto's, which is certainly not yet safe either, and finally against Dallinga.com.

At Cues&Darts against SIS Schoonmaak, Raimond Burgman and Martien van der Spoel were successful for SIS against Pierre Soumagne and Huub Wilkowski. Cues&Darts kept the score balanced thanks to Glenn Hofman and Ruben Legazpi 40-34 and 40-18.

Team Eekhoorn remained faultless at home against Burgmans Biljarts thanks to Peter Ceulemans, Frans van Kuyk, Kurt Ceulemans and Jerry Hermans. Bousema continued to lead the middle order with a 6-2 win over Dallinga. The leading players in that match, who made a team together in recent weeks, battled out in a nice fight. Jeffrey Jorissen beat Jean Paul de Bruijn 40-35 in 25. Johan Loncelle won on 1 carom against Steven van Acker, Peter De Backer on 2 caroms against Stefan Galla.

Aartsbouw kept important match points at home by the 6-2 win over J&F Auto's with an excellent Kay de Zwart against Ronny Brants (40-23 in 24) and Turgay Orak beating Murat Gökmen 40-34 in 23.

DKM Tools had its winners in the match against Team Nachtwacht in Dion Nelin, Ronny Lindemann and Davy van Havere. The winner in the other team was Erwin Kivits.