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Therese tops te field in European Grand Prix in Spain


Published by frits bakker

Therese Klompenhouwer scored the maximum in points during the prerounds

GANDIA - Therese Klompenhouwer's unbeaten status has not been in danger for a moment. The Dutch star of women's billiards is leading the dance in the preliminary rounds of the Predator Grand Prix 3-cushion ladies, as the event is called in full. The venue in the Spanish resort of Gandia is stunning for the 24 players. The temperature there rises to around 25 degrees this weekend, with the preliminary rounds coming to an end on Saturday afternoon. That leaves the six group winners and two best runners-up for the quarter-finals, in which knockouts are played. Those matches start today, Saturday, at 6pm, to be seen live on Kozoom.

The first decision early Saturday morning fell in favor of Therese Klompenhouwer, the No.1 seed and top favorite. With three wins, she leads the standings in Group A with six match points and 1.190 on average. The other groups move up to the showdown in the next few hours, with Charlotte Sörensen, Karina Jetten, Monique van Exter and Gülsen Degener making the best impression.

The best match was played by Therese Klompenhouwer so far, who saw her opponents score only six times in all three of her games (3x 25-6!!). The best in the most recent round was against Monika Steinberger: she won 25-6 in 15 innings, averaging 1.666. The other victories were against Hanny Hultermans (25-6 in 28) and Helga Mitterböck (25-6 in 20).

Denmark's Charlotte Sörensen is second best in average with 4 match points and 0.833 and still needs to win in her match against Czech Irena Michalkova (4, 0.549) to become group winner. Karina Jetten (also Netherlands) still plays against Germany's Steffi Träm for the group win. Dutch Monique van Exter faces Spanish Ana Juarez and Gülsen Degener (Turkey) plays Danielle Le Bruyn for qualification.

The standings at this stage with one more match to play in the preliminary rounds for most players:

  1. Therese Klompenhouwer 6-1,190-5
  2. Charlotte Sörensen 4-0.833-4
  3. Karina Jetten 4-0.793-5
  4. Monique van Exter 4-0.724-4
  5. Gülsen Degener 4-0.714-4
  6. Guzin Mujde Karakasli 4-0.558-3
  7. Irena Michalkova 4-0.549-5
  8. Steffi Träm 4-0.505-3
  9. Francine Adele van Yperen 4-0.469-3
  10. Monika Steinberger 4-0.330-4
  11. Danielle Le Bruyn 2-0.380-3
  12. Ana Juarez 2-0.350-4
  13. Sylvia Eckel 2-0,350-4
  14. Joke Breur 2-0.301-2.