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The climax in the Dutch league live on Kozoom these days


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The four frontrunners in the leading teams; Roland Forthomme, Glenn Hofman, Eddy Merckx and Peter Ceulemans

Which teams will show up in the play-offs for the championship in the Dutch premier league with SIS Schoonmaak and Team Eekhoorn? Cues&Darts and Topbiljart Zundert are the big contenders, Bousema and Dekker are making one last attempt to make it nto the top four. This weekend in the Kozoom league, the premier league, we can watch the double round, 21 and 22, the final rounds of play in the regular competition. The battle focuses on the top positions and the fight in the lower regions. Follow the climax of the regular league on Kozoom!

Friday, 10 May the catch-up match, between Zundert and Dekker was played. Roland Forthomme forced the decision in the match at centercourt with a 1-point win over Dave Christiani.

The results were:

Roland Forthomme-Dave Christiani 40-39 in 32

Thorsten Frings-Barry van Beers 40-38 in 33

Sam van Etten-Gerwin Valentijn 40-28 in 25

Danny Geysen-Henk Blauwblomme 32-40 in 30.

Team Nachtwacht is at the bottom with 10 points out of 20 the most worrying. Aartsbouw Sprundel has 12 out of 20, J&F Auto has 13 out of 20 and Burgmans Biljarts 14. DKM Tools needs 1 more point in the double to escape the danger zone.

SPC Capelle aan den IJssel and Biljartacademie Sittard made the promotion from the first division to the premier league and are the sure newcomers.

Last night, Friday, Zundert and Dekker play their catch-up match at Den Hoek in Zundert. Zundert won the match 6-2 and is the only number three in the ranking now with 27 match points, four points down to SIS Schoonmaak and Team Eekhoorn. Zundert is 1 point away from the playoffs now.

This Saturday and Sunday the battle continues and the top billings are for the positions at the top:


Team Eekhoorn-Cues&Darts

SIS Schoonmaak-Dekker



Dekker-Team Squirrel

Cues&Darts-Burgmans Biljarts

Bousema-J&F Auto

Zundert-SIS Schoonmaak.

Even more exciting may be the fight to stay in the premier league. 

DKM Tools, with the best chances to survive of the five teams at the bottom, is putting Birol Uymaz, Dion Nelin, Ronny Lindemann and Davy van Havere in as big guns for the matches away against Dallinga.com and Sunday at home against Aartsbouw Sprundel. Team Nachtwacht and Aartsbouw Sprundel stand to see off the bottom two places to avoid direct relegation. 

Aartsbouw Sprundel plays at home against Bousema and away against DKM Tools. Team Night Watch Saturday at home against J&F Auto and Sunday at home against Dallinga. Both Burgmans and J&F Auto need at least one more win, but even then those two teams are not sure of retention then.

The standings in the Kozoom league are now:

SIS Schoonmaak 20-31

Team Eekhoorn 20-31

Topbiljart Zundert 20-27

Cues&Darts 20-25

Bousema Lochem 20-23

Dekker 20-21

Dallinga 20-17

DKM Tools 20-16

Burgmans Billiards 20-14

J&F Cars 20-13

Aartsbouw 20-12

Team Nachtwacht 20-10

 (Numbers 11 and 12 are relegated, with number 10 playing a promotion/degradation match.

 The programme on Saturday, May 11, 21st round:

 SIS Schoonmaak-Deker/APSprundel

Eddy Merckx-Dave Christiani

Jean van Erp-Barry van Beers

Raymund Swertz-Gerwin Valentijn

Martien van der Spoel-Henk Blauwblomme


Burgmans Biljarts-STZ Zundert

Anno de Kleine-Thorsten Frings

Bart Ceulemans-Sam van Etten

Marco Janssen-Francis Forton

Johan Roijers-Danny Geysen


Team Eekhoorn-Cues&Darts/Xtreme

Nikos Polychronopoulos-Glenn Hofman

Peter Ceulemans-Jef Philipoom

Frans van Kuyk-Pierre Soumagne

Kurt Ceulemans-Huub Wilkowski


Aartsbouw Sprundel-Bousema/JBScues

Tayfun Tasdemir-Martin Horn

Turgay Orak-Jeffrey Jorissen

Ronny Brants-Johan Loncelle

Dirk Weeremans-Stefan Galla


Team Nachtwacht-J&F Auto/New Jorissen

Erwin Kivits-Murat Gökmen

Harrie van de Ven-Kay de Zwart

Frank Martens-Joey de Kok

Frits Broeders-Herman van Daalen


Dallinga.com-DKM Tools

Jean Paul de Bruijn-Birol Uymaz

Steven van Acker-Dion Nelin

Peter De Backer-Ronny Lindemann

Raymond Ceulemans-Davy van Havere

 Sunday, May 12, round 22

 STZ Zundert-SIS Schoonmaak

Thorsten Frings-Eddy Merckx

Sam van Etten-Jean van Erp

Francis Forton-Raymund Swertz

Danny Geysen-Martien van der Spoel


Dekker/APSprundel-Team Eekhoorn

Dave Christiani-Nikos Polychronopoulos

Barry van Beers-Frans van Kuyk

Gerwin Valentijn-Kurt Ceulemans

Henk Blauwblomme-Jerry Hermans


Cues&Darts/Xtreme-Burgmans Biljarts

Glenn Hofman-Anno de Kleine

Pierre Soumagne-Marco Janssen

Huub Wilkowski-Andy de Bondt

Jack van Peer-Johan Roijers


Bousema/JBScues-J&F Auto/New Jorissen

Martin Horn-Murat Gökmen

Jeffrey Jorissen-Kay de Zwart

Johan Loncelle-Joey de Kok

Frans van Schaik-Herman van Daalen


DKM Tools-Aartsbouw Sprundel

Birol Uymaz-Tayfun Tasdemir

Dion Nelin-Turgay Orak

Ronny Lindemann-Ronny Brants

Jack Wijnen-Tom Persyn


Team Nachtwacht-Dallinga.com

Erwin Kivits-Jean Paul de Bruijn

Harrie van de Ven-Steven van Acker

Frank Martens-Peter De Backer

Frits Broeders-Berry Dallinga