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Merckx and Horn kick off in Dutch league on Saturday


Published by frits bakker

© Ton Smilde
Martin Horn, recovered from a foot fracture, makes his come-back with Bousema team in Holland


UDEN - The 17th round in the Kozoom league, the Dutch premier league, is the run-up to the Dutch cup final for many players. This Saturday afternoon at 13.00, SIS Schoonmaak and Bousema kick off in the afternoon with the top match Eddy Merckx-Martin Horn. The German player is making his come-back at the billiard table after an unfortunate foot fracture and a long shutdown. Watch out for those who want to visit the matches in this round. SIS Schoonmaak and Bousema play on Saturday afternoon from 1pm. Zundert and Jorissen meet later on early Saturday evening from 7pm at Den Hoek in Zundert. All other matches are from 1pm on Sunday afternoon. The line-up of the top positions is under plenty of pressure at six rounds of play from the end. Certainly up to sixth place, the tension is mounting every week. Many teams therefore come with strong leaders, such as SIS Schoonmaak with Eddy Merckx, Team Eekhoorn with Nikos Polychronopoulos, Cues&Darts with Robinson Morales and Bousema with Martin Horn.

Cues&Darts, the current number 4, is feeling the hot breath of Bousema and Dekker. That has forced Monique Wilkowski, team leader of the Tilburg foursome, to field the strongest line-up even against the number last, Team Nachtwacht. Robinson Morales is the captain, Glenn Hofman number 2 and Ruben Legazpi, finalist at the World nation Championships in Viersen, is the number 3, joined by Huub Wilkowski.

Bousema travels to SIS Schoonmaak with another strong team, because with Martin Horn, Jeffrey Jorissen, Johan Loncelle and Stefan Galla, certainly nothing is left to chance. A high level is guaranteed in advance for Saturday afternoon at the SIS centre.

Team Eekhoor is gearing up for an away match against Aartsbouw Sprundel and will not want to afford a slip-up. STZ Zundert will get a visit from J&T Auto's. Dekker/APS Sprundel meets up with DKM Tools, that let Dion Nelin come over and has a strong number 2 with Ronny Lindemann, the German's leader at the World championship Burgmans Biljarts and Dallinga.com are playing for the first positions following the leading six teams, but also with the threat of J&F Auto's and DKM Tools coming up from the lower regions.

The schedule and line-ups for round 17 of play:

Saturday, March 30 1pm:

SIS Schoonmaak-Bousema/JBScues

Eddy Merckx-Martin Horn

Raimond Burgman-Jeffrey Jorissen

Raymund Swertz-Johan Loncelle

Martien van der Spoel-Stefan Galla

Saturday 7pm:

STZ Zundert-J&T Auto/New Jorissen

Thorsten Frings-Kay de Zwart

Sam van Etten-Joey de Kok

Francis Forton-Therese Klompenhouwer

Danny Geysen-Herman van Daalen

Sunday 13.00:

Dekker/APSprundel-DKM Tools

Dave Christiani-Dion Nelin

Barry van Beers-Ronny Lindemann

Gerwin Valentijn-Davy van Havere

John Roovers-Roland Uijtdewillegen

Cues&Darts/Xtreme-Team Nachtwacht

Robinson Morales-Ismaïl Yasin

Glenn Hofman-Savas Bulut

Ruben Legazpi-Harrie van de Ven

Huub Wilkowski-Frank Martens

Team Eekhoorn-Aartsbouw Sprundel

Nikos Polychronopoulos-Ronny Brants

Peter Ceulemans-Dirk Weeremans

Frans van Kuyk-Tom Persyn

Jerry Hermans-Ad Broeders

Burgmans Biljarts-Dallinga.com

Anno de Kleine-Jean Paul de Bruijn

Bart Ceulemans-Steven van Acker

Marco Janssen-Peter De Backer