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Jorissen best on average, Klompenhouwer best run: 15


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Therese Klompenhouwer shone amidst all men with a best run of 15

ROSMALEN - The best of all 32 players on average in the final qualifying groups at the Grand Prix in Rosmalen after two days was Jeffrey Jorissen, the best run with 15 (playing with 31 men) came from Therese Klompenhouwer, who finally remained without a win. Joris van ‘t Zelfden, the young talent, just missed qualification, despite the best average in his group. Bert van Manen qualified surprisingly amid all the big contenders for Grand Prix win. Gerwin Valentijn, Frans van Schaik, Huub Wilkowski, Joris van ‘t Zelfden and Therese Klompenhouwer are out for this Saturday in the knock-outs with 16.

Dick Jaspers is missing in this Grand Prix due to other activities and therefore cannot take a shot at this Grand Prix win. On the second day of qualifying with 8 groups of four, Jean Paul de Bruijn excelled among others with 6 points and 1.690, Glenn Hofman with 4 points and 1.642, Dave Christiani with 6 points and 1.428 and Jerry Hermans with 5 points and 1.239. Although Glenn Hofman was defeated in his first match by Bert van Manen (40-35 in 23), he won his other two matches in 21 and 26 innings. Therese Klompenhouwer remained without points in the same groups, but did shine with a run of 15 against Frans van Schaik.

The four players from the first sessions on Thursday finished the group stage with six match points. The group winners were Jeffrey Jorissen, Barry van Beers, Jean van Erp and Raimond Burgman, of whom Jorissen with the best average: 2.033 and a highest run of 12. Jean van Erp was not far behind with 1.818, Raimond Burgman reached 1.791 (run 12), Barry van Beers 1.518. Erwin Kivits, the number two of Group B, played the best game on the day in that session: 40 in 17 innings against Gerwin Valentijn.

Players with Masters ambitions who were eliminated on Thursday were Gerwin Valentijn with 2 points and 1.094, Joey de Kok with 0 points and 1.082 and Huub Wilkowski with 2 points and 1.010.

Harrie van de Ven's win against Henk Overmars made him the best on average of three players in Group H with 2 points. He thus eliminated Adrie Demming and Henk Overmars.

Jeffrey Jorissen was the most regular in 19, 22 and 18 innings. Jean van Erp in 21, 18 and 27 innings, Raimond Burgman in 24, 22 and 21 innings.

Matches in the knock-outs for Saturday:


Jeffrey Jorissen-Harrie van de Ven

Jerry Hermans-Erwin Kivits

Jean Paul de Bruijn-Sam van Etten

Barry van Beers-Bert van Manen


Raimond Burgman-Kay de Zwart

Dave Christiani-Raymund Swertz

Glenn Hofman-Volkan Cetin

Jean van Erp-Paul Bruijstens.

The standings in the eight groups:

Group A:

1 Jeffrey Jorissen 6-2.033-12

2 Volkan Cetin 4-1,410-11

3 Gert-Jan van der Veen 2-0.781-4

4 Richard Berkelmans 0-0.623-5

Group B:

1 Barry van Beers 6-1,518-11

2 Erwin Kivits 4-1.537-7

3 Gerwin Valentijn 2-1.094-7

4 Joey de Kok 0-1,082-6

Group C:

1 Dave Christiani 6-1,428-8

2 Raymund Swertz 4-1.386-8

3 Frits Broeders 2-0.636-6

4 Jack van Peer 0-0.747-7

Group D:

1 Jean Paul de Bruijn 6-1,690-8

2 Sam van Etten 4-1,344-8

3 Wilco van Wijk 2-0.931-6

4 Kees Wittens 0-0.768-7

Group E:

1 Jerry Hermans 5-1,239-8

2 Kay de Zwart 4-1,089-6

3 Joris van ‘t Zelfden 3-1,284-12

4 Nick Zuijkerbuijk 1-1,118-7

Group F:

1 Glenn Hofman 4-1,742-10

2 Bert van Manen 4-1,344-8

3 Frans van Schaik 4-1,195-9

4 Therese Klompenhouwer 0-1,271-15

Group G:

1 Jean van Erp 6-1,818-9

2 Paul Bruijstens 4-0.938-7

3 Huub Wilkowski 2-1.010-6

4 Menno de Vries 0-0.617-6

Group H:

1 Raimond Burgman 6-1,791-12

2 Harrie van de Ven 2-1,103-12

3 Adrie Demming 2-1,095-7

4 Henk Overmars 2-1,047-7.