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Biljart Express 1 match point away from title in Belgium


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Jef Philipoom won a match with 2.500 and beat Eddy Merckx

TURNHOUT - The leader in the Belgian team competition, the Biljart Express team, is still 1 point away from the championship after the 20th round of play. The 12 teams are still waiting two league rounds. Biljart Express can go to the title in the match against T's Place, number 7 in the league table. The title was briefly delayed by Mr 100, which won 6-2 against Biljart Express, and by Op de Meir, which drew against the leaders. On the 20th matchday, this week, Biljart Express travelled to Mister 100, the number 3. In the Ceulemans stronghold, Biljart Express lost 6-2. Herstalien won in this round against Billiard Promotion 6-2, with a team average of 1.514. So the difference between the top two (Biljart Express and Herstalien) is still 4 points with two rounds to play!

In the Mr 100, Kurt Ceulemans beat Frans Van Kuyk, his teammate in the Netherlands, 40-22 in 19 innings, Jerry Hermans was the better of Dave Christiani 40-33 in 21 innings and Bart Ceulemans won against Guy Van Litsenborg 40-37 in 38 innings. Only Eddy Merckx scored for Biljart Express by winning against Peter Ceulemans 40-38 in 21.

Mr 100 achieved a team average of 1.595.

Herstalien kept up the pressure on Biljart Express with a good win and 1.500 average. Roland Forthomme lost to Jean Paul de Bruijn 40-39 in 24, but Pierre Soumagne (1.600), Dany Boutet (1.212) and Thomas Broux (1.739) collected the points needed for the final victory.

Op de Meir lost 1 point on its trip to Bruges. Jef Philipoom and Barry Van Beers grabbed the points for 4th place in the competition in 16 and 31 innings against Steven Van Acker and Henk Blauwblomme (best match of the day with 2,500 for Philipoom). Koen Saver and Bart Leys both won 40-25 in 32 and 40-39 in 46 against Roland Uijtdewillegen and Wesley De Jaeger.

The same as last week, De Witte Molen won 5-3 at home, this time against T's Place, with Frédéric Mottet winning against Peter De Backer. De Leug 1 beat De Ploeg 6-2, with Andy De Bondt scoring 40 in 23. Finally, Kortrijk beat De Leug 2 6-2. Ronny Brants won against Johan Loncelle 40-26 in 17.

On matchday 19, Biljart Express had played a draw against Op de Meir. Frans Van Kuyk and Martin Spoormans dominated Barry Van Beers and Wesley De Jaeger in 26 and 29 innings. Jef Philipoom and Roland Uijtdewillegen beat Eddy Merckx and Dave Christiani in 28 and 27 innings.At the same time, Herstalien beat the De Leug 1 team 8-0. Roland Forthomme won against Jeffrey Jorissen 40-27 in 23, Pierre Soumagne got the win from Davy Van Havere (forfeit). Dany Boutet and Thomas Broux signed in 32 and 31 innings for a team average of almost 1.400.

Mister 100, in 3rd place, won 6-2 against De Ploeg 1 with three wins for the Ceulemans trio. Peter in 22 against Joey De Kok (best game of the day), Kurt in 25 against Eddy Willems and Bart in 28 against Roger Roefs.

T'S Place dominated Kortrijk 6-2 thanks to Peter De Backer's 40-16 in 24 against Ronny Brants, Huub Wilkowski 40-25 in 31 against Martin Ravestyn, Frédéric Beghin won for Kortrijk 40-34 in 55 against Marc Van Der Spiegel.

Bruges beat De Leug 2 7-1 thanks to the unbeaten quartet of Steven Van Acker, Henk Blauwblomme, Koen Saver and Bart Leys at the expense of Johan Loncelle, Frans Van Schaik, Kenny Miatton and Joeri De Cleen.

In the relegation battle, De Witte Molen won 5-3 against Biljart Promotie thanks to points by Francis Forton against Key De Zwart 40-33 in 36, Benny Ceulemans against Peter Meersman 40-28 in 38 and Ad Broeders against Marc Janssen 40-40 in 30. Jean Paul de Bruijn beat Fred Mottet 40-35 in 32.